updates on features:

March 2016:
Full update to public sites transition to HTML5.

This have resulted in a better slideshow and better navigation in mobile devices. It should run perfectly now.
Editor has been updated to adapt to those changes.


April 2013:
Added 8 new fullscreen backgrounds.

January 2013 :
Added 4 new typefaces (23 fonts in total) (PRO!)

December 2012:
PREMIUM ACCOUNTS are available now.
You can set own domain. (PREMIUM!)
Added 2 new typefaces (19 fonts in total) (PRO!)
Permanent price drop for PRO accounts.

November 2012:
Now is possible to upload a custom logo to be shown in the footer and loader of the websites. (PREMIUM!)
Added 3 new typefaces (fonts) (PRO!)
Added 1 new typeface (all accounts!)

October 2012:
Now is possible to upload Curriculum Vitae (CV) documents and link them from custom pages.

September 2012:
Password protected websites. (PRO!)
SEO improvement. More control over the ‹p› ‹h3› ‹h2› and ‹h1› tags.
Custom domains are under testing now. [will be available soon] (PRO!)
Public slideshow fit better in iPads and other tables now.
Accesibility enhancements on the content manager.

May 2012:
More descriptive URLS (major SEO improvement)
example for a page: user.electrofolio.com/en/d1/home/
example for a slide: user.electrofolio.com/en/c18/yellow-bird

April 2012:
Custom pages upgrades
· Paypal buttons (PRO!)
Linkable Images

March 2012:
Video Tutorials
We have added and updated videos. Improved quality and content.

More payment options
Now PayPal helps you making payments automatically if you want. You can also choose to pay between 3, 12 and 24 months.

Content manager greatly improved
Faster, more stable, cleaner and easier to use.

We have added the concept of MyWork : It's the part of Electrofolio sites where portfolios, galleries and slides are contained.

YouTube Videos
Ability to add videos even in HTML versions.

Layout Editor
Improved layout editor with a complete tutorial so you can use it well.

Improved support in Spanish
We have corrected the spelling mistakes and translated all the video tutorials into Spanish.

New service
We can now build your website for you using existing content from outside Electrofolio

We constantly copying the functionality from Flash to HTML5. It's not an easy task but we are slowly getting very good results.

December 2011:
YouTube videos
Now users can add YouTube videos (including HD versions!)

10 New font types
2 for all accounts and 8 for (PRO!) accounts;

October 2011:
Design editor (PRO!)
A new section on the editor to enable users to personalize their websites even more. After this, all PRO accounts will be different.

Spanish language for the Electrofolio site, sign up, log in, emails and videos (sorry help not translated yet)
Spanish users can finally use Electrofolio without limits!

September 2011:
PNG Transparency
You can upload any-shape PNGs to increase the cutomization of your pages.

HTML Versions improved: Compatible with iPad and iPhone
Now they are not just HTML paged for search engines but fully functional sites that look good in all devices.

Spanish language added to the Editor.

July 2011:
Higher upload limit for all accounts
Now the maximum size for uploaded images went up from 9 to 22 Megapixels.

May 2011:
Free accounts and Pro account
TRIAL ACCOUNTs become permanent FREE ACCOUNTS. The have a lot space up to 100 images and 3 pages max. But thats it, the rest of features will be available for everyone.
What about Pro accounts? Most of new added features will be added in their accounts.

PayPal support (PRO!)
Now it is possible to add paypal buttons. (For Pro accounts)

Page thumbnails for content manager
Content manager will show a thumbnail of each page. They only get generated when a change is made in the page.

February 2011:
Faster load
We have really increased the speed. Now your public site loads 300 times faster!
We tested a user's page loading time and it went from 14 seconds to just 5! thanks to cloud storage.

Shorter URLS (improving SEO)
Now your public URL is short and nice (clean of useless data for visitors). Since we are not forwarding anymore, the SEO of the pages will improve noticeably.

Improved HTML mirror pages (Improving SEO)
Each page of your website has its own title, description and tags. This means that search engines are able to identify each page of your website individually. This helps your SEO ranking a lot.

November 2010:
Multiple Files uploader
Users can now upload a whole batch of files to a gallery with 1 click. This speeds up the process of building a portfolio site enormously.

June 2010:
Added fullscreen visualization
View a portfolio with nothing else on screen! Right click while viewing an electrofolio site.

Pre 2010:
· Slideshow mode
Scrollable thumbs list
SEO tags
Movable copyrights
Rounded corners on thumbnails
and all standard features... (there are lots!)

We listen to our users and we try to keep everyone happy by adding new features they would like to have.
Development and testing takes time, so if you ask for something, please be patient :)

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